Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?

After I finished my 8 years of college, I was very lucky to find a job in my field, making a nice salary ($80,147 plus benefits, $160,000 with my wife’s), and living in a reasonably affordable city (Houston, TX). I had everything I needed in life and almost all of what I wanted, even if it wasn’t necessary at the time. Life was good.

However, it all came crashing down six months after graduation when I got my first student loan statement. Continue reading “Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?”

First Post: Introductions

Hey there,

Welcome to Millionaire By Forty (MBF), a personal finance/entrepreneurship blog where we set lofty financial goals, and then achieve them.

Taking the first step in any endeavor can be challenging. I have stared at the computer screen, blankly, trying to think of what to say (and what to save for later) in this first post. So, I decided that the good ol’ fashion “5 W’s of Journalism” would be an appropriate and succinct start:  Continue reading “First Post: Introductions”