2017 Annual Progress Report – 12 Years To Go!

As several of you are aware, the entire goal of this blog is to chronicle the journey to having a net worth of $1,000,000 by my 40th birthday, which is February 12, 2029. That being the case, it is fitting to have an annual progress report to show how far we have come over the previous year. Well, today is my birthday! Because the blog is so new, this will serve as the inaugural edition!

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How Living Below Your Financial Means Will Set You Free

There is a certain falsehood to the idea of “upgrading” one’s life and what that means financially. Once I turned 18, I finished high school and went to college — upgrade! Once I finished my bachelor’s degree, I went to graduate school — upgrade! Once I finished my doctorate, I got a job making $80,147 plus benefits — yet another upgrade.

Every time I had an “upgrade” in life, I thought that I deserved a higher standard of living. I thought to myself, “I worked hard to get here, so I deserve to have nice things. The world owes me a good life.”

But I soon learned, the world owes you nothing.

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Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?

After I finished my 8 years of college, I was very lucky to find a job in my field, making a nice salary ($80,147 plus benefits, $160,000 with my wife’s), and living in a reasonably affordable city (Houston, TX). I had everything I needed in life and almost all of what I wanted, even if it wasn’t necessary at the time. Life was good.

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