How Mint Saved My Finances


When I was a teenager, before I had a debit or credit card, my father taught me how to manually balance a checkbook. He made me keep every receipt from my purchases, and at the end of every week we would sit down and do the math to see my current checking balance. If the total matched my most recent bank statement, then we were done. If it didn’t, we poured through each purchase to find the inconsistency. This practice taught me some valuable lessons, like making sure you didn’t get overcharged or ensuring you didn’t overdraft. However, one major lesson was lacking from my father’s teachings — the necessity of budgeting. In this post, we will discuss my favorite budgeting application, Mint.

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Goal Setting: The Key to Staying on Track


Millennials own the dubious stereotype of being entitled and impatient. As much as the word “Millennial” makes me cringe, the cohort’s sociological trends, financial well-being, and career aspirations are interesting topics. So many Millennials, myself included, have been haunted by the question “What now?” In this post, we will talk about what it means to set goals as a young adult, and why it is important.

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The 401k: My Favorite Investment Vehicle

When I first began investing, I was completely lost. There were so many names, acronyms, and terms that I had never heard before.  Like so many families in America, mine didn’t talk about things like investing and money. I had no idea how to start, and as a result I made some silly mistakes. This post will be geared toward someone like myself when I was starting my career: young and naive, but willing to learn. I want to talk about my favorite investment vehicle: The 401k.

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How I Got My Blog’s First Business Partnership in 21 Days

partnership blogging business sponsor

We have a very exciting announcement at Millionaire By Forty! We formed a partnership with the AOL Finance Collective, a group of trusted voices covering personal finance, careers, small business, industry trends, and real estate. How did we go from having nothing to a business partner in less than a month? Here are the 5 steps we took to make it happen, and how you can too!

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2017 Annual Progress Report – 12 Years To Go!

As several of you are aware, the entire goal of this blog is to chronicle the journey to having a net worth of $1,000,000 by my 40th birthday, which is February 12, 2029. That being the case, it is fitting to have an annual progress report to show how far we have come over the previous year. Well, today is my birthday! Because the blog is so new, this will serve as the inaugural edition!

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How Living Below Your Financial Means Will Set You Free

There is a certain falsehood to the idea of “upgrading” one’s life and what that means financially. Once I turned 18, I finished high school and went to college — upgrade! Once I finished my bachelor’s degree, I went to graduate school — upgrade! Once I finished my doctorate, I got a job making $80,147 plus benefits — yet another upgrade.

Every time I had an “upgrade” in life, I thought that I deserved a higher standard of living. I thought to myself, “I worked hard to get here, so I deserve to have nice things. The world owes me a good life.”

But I soon learned, the world owes you nothing.

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